Fascinated by the every day; items we ignore, how we interact with others, the personas we display, impressions we hope to make and ultimately the vulnerability of our real selves and allowing this to be known to others.
Humour is an important part of my work as is a gentle understanding that life can be difficult.
McLovin the name: I changed my name not only due to the humour relating to the absurdity of its place in the film SuperBad. But also a fascination with how powerful names are and the assumptions made about them - something we are given at 0 years old that we run with all our life.
I enjoy stretching and questioning norms, ultimately it has caused many people in, as you can imagine, a variety of situations - to smile and has cheered up their day a little.

Artist Statement

McLovin reveals his feelings of stress in completing everyday chores with a touch of self-deprecating humour. He re-represents everyday objects to initiate a new relationship between viewer and object.
Influenced by sculptural artists Claes Oldenburg and Louis Bourgeois. And equally comedians Tommy Cooper, Stewart Lee, and performers Andy Kaufman and Frank Sidebottom, he melds a visual art aesthetic with humour.
In the work If You Feel Alone. You Are Not Alone, he presents a 3 times scale clothes airer to share not only his feelings around household chores, but also to depict the sensations of feeling at times alone and an outsider. Additionally offering the sensations of awe and wonder, that combine to form a powerful simultaneous maelstrom of emotions. 
Remaining true to the original material namely bending tubular metal from one length, he uses the same method of manufacture as the original to fashion an object dramatically larger in scale that allows us to view this object with a completely new perspective.
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